Crafting Quality Marine Castings

Our Crew Leads the Industry

The experienced team at LeClaire Manufacturing has a long history of working with companies that manufacture marine craft. Aluminum castings are used widely throughout the marine industry. The high weight-to-strength ratio and non-corrosive characteristics of aluminum make aluminum castings a perfect fit for marine applications.

Marine freight cargo ship traveling in the ocean

Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum

Aluminum is a very active metal, meaning that its nature is to oxidize very quickly. While a weakness for most metals, this quality is actually the key to aluminum’s ability to resist corrosion. When oxygen is present (in the air, soil or water), aluminum instantly reacts to form aluminum oxide. This aluminum oxide layer is chemically bound to the surface, and it seals the core aluminum from any further reaction. This is quite different from oxidation (corrosion) in steel or iron, where rust puffs up and flakes off, constantly exposing new metal to corrosion. Aluminum’s oxide film is tenacious, hard and instantly self-renewing.

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