Core Making

Good Cores Make Quality Castings

Core Box Design And Production

LeClaire Manufacturing is an expert manufacturer of robust sand and permanent mold casting cores. As a matter of fact, we make some of the most complex core boxes and assemblies for aluminum castings in the country. Our largest core assembly, consisting of 21 cores and 4 chills, was assembled to make a leak-tight braking component.

Core making equipment

Our experienced, highly skilled design team assists in developing core concepts. Our core making capabilities offer maximum flexibility. Whether the design calls for a top- or side-blow core machine or hot box core or Isocure™ cold box core processes, our core making equipment is up to the task!

The Core Making Process

Core making is an essential part of creating cast products, since cores enable more complexity in casting by allowing for hollow areas and a greater range of structural elements. Cores are created through either a hot box or cold box method, both of which operate on similar principles:

  • Sand is blown into a core box, the tool used to form the core
  • This sand is mixed with a resin to act as a bonding agent
  • The resin is cured, either through a catalyst (in cold box core making) or through baking (in hot box core making)
  • The core is inserted into the casting tool where molten material forms around the core. The core is then removed, so that the sand and resin are no longer present in the finished piece.

Multiple cores can be combined and used in this way to create highly complex pieces, as in the 21-core example described above. Our foundry core making machines and equipment can create simple core components as well as those meant for more complex applications. We also can assist you with design choices and process questions, ensuring that our core making equipment operates up to your standards in creating a high-quality product.

Why Is the Core Making Process in Castings Important?

A high-quality core making process can impact your product in several ways, including:

  • The quality of the finished piece
  • Production efficiency
  • Overall production costs

Low-quality cores may fail during the pouring or setting step of the casting process, resulting in an inaccurate or incorrect part. In these cases, a new core must be created, and the process restarted. This extends the production process and introduces additional costs. At LeClaire Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on high-quality cores for the agriculture, military, heavy vehicle, marine, and valve and pump industries, among many others.

Working With LeClaire Manufacturing

We’re a full-service facility, offering guidance and answering questions at every step of the way, no matter where you are in the process. We understand the core making process because we are experts in the overall casting process. We know what needs to be done to create a high-quality core. When you work with LeClaire Manufacturing, you take other suppliers — and variables — out of the equation, simplifying your workstream and ensuring consistent satisfaction in every process.

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