Prototyping Service

Aluminum Prototype Machining and Casting

LeClaire Manufacturing has a proven record of high-quality aluminum prototype machining. Our CNC machine operators have the training and experience to manufacture quality aluminum prototype parts for any application. From rapid prototyping through production, LeClaire can help you enjoy long-term cost savings while capitalizing on new business opportunities.

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Advantages of Our Prototype Development Services

Manufacturing a prototype can help your business prove product viability and capture new sales opportunities. Here are some of the benefits of our prototyping service:

  • Show investors or potential customers a functional model of your product
  • Identify design flaws early in development and reduce expenses
  • Streamline production by selecting a single-source provider of prototyping and machining services

Functional Prototyping

With a functional prototype, you can simulate the functions of your product, validate design, and correct flaws early in development. Our functional prototyping capabilities allow you to manufacture a sample of your product for real-world testing – bring your design to life and get rapid feedback from your stakeholders.

From Prototyping to Production

At LeClaire, we can take you through the entire manufacturing journey from prototype to low-volume production and manufacturing scale-up. Once prototype development is complete, we offer on-site batch production capabilities – one-stop prototyping services and production from a single manufacturer. Learn more about our machining services, sand casting, and permanent mold casting.                                                                            

Low-Volume Manufacturing Services

Our low-volume manufacturing service is ideal for when you need production-quality parts in volumes of 100,000 or fewer. With LeClaire, you can bridge the gap between aluminum prototype development to full-scale production so you can capitalize on emerging markets.

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The LeClaire Manufacturing Advantage 

Each step of our manufacturing process is carefully monitored and controlled to guarantee that your specifications are met. We use the latest technology to check the chemistry of our metal from start to finish. Technology and automation are used extensively throughout the foundry operations — controlling everything from the metal quality requirements to regulating die temperatures. Real time x-ray, die penetration analysis and mechanical property testing are performed regularly to ensure that we meet or even exceed your requirements.

Why Do Customers Prefer LeClaire Manufacturing?

“I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for your efforts to assist us with [the recent launch of our major new product platform]. … Our new [product] introduction has resulted in more demand than expected. You will be pleased to know that the [new product] has received very favorable response from our builders and dealers.

You have always been a loyal, responsive and supportive supplier partner. For your past contributions, and your focused support of our current challenges, my team and I want to thank you and your team.”

President, Fortune 300 Company