Recreational Vehicles

Driving Quality, One Casting at a Time

Recreational Vehicles: Solving Your Weight Problem

From manifolds, strut castings and other chassis components, to cylinder heads, engine blocks and engine mount components, the experienced team at LeClaire Manufacturing brings your casting needs to life.

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Precision Recreational Vehicle Parts

Fierce competition in the recreational vehicle market drives the need for the fastest, most powerful or most fuel-efficient product. RV manufacturers ask themselves, “How can we do this better?” That’s where continuous advancements in technology and LeClaire Manufacturing come in. The options for manufacturing recreational vehicle parts through aluminum casting instead of steel or iron are vast, covering many components of the vehicle. At LeClaire, we’re pleased to offer our expertise in all areas of production — from design onward — to assist you with identifying the most effective areas where aluminum castings can improve your recreational vehicle products.

Advantages Of Aluminum Casting For Recreational Vehicles

LeClaire Manufacturing offers innovative solutions that reduce casting weight while maintaining the significant strength requirements of many components in an RV. Weighing just one-third the amount of a steel or iron casting with the same dimensions, aluminum castings are the perfect solution. Lower casting weights for recreational vehicle parts offer numerous benefits: lower shipping weights for suppliers and manufacturers, increased fuel efficiency for the operator, and aluminum castings can be produced at costs favorable when compared with iron or steel.

Working With Us

Quality and safety are primary concerns at LeClaire Manufacturing, and our products undergo quality testing to ensure every component that makes its way to an RV is durable and up to the task of supporting or operating these large vehicles. Whether through steel inserts, casting design or aluminum alloy enhancements, our work begins when you tell us your end goal. We are ready to work with you from any stage of your design or component conversion process, whether you already have production concepts in mind or are just beginning to consider the idea of replacing iron or steel castings with aluminum castings. With extensive experience in all areas of the process, we are ready to use our expertise to make your needs a reality.

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