Heat Treating

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Heat Treating Equipment

At LeClaire Manufacturing, all our heat treating processes are performed in-house. We utilize a drop-bottom heat treat system as well as other heat treat systems that provide superior mechanical properties to meet the most challenging FEA requirements. Repeatability and process controls are critical, and having these capabilities all under one roof means increased visibility and control in the heat treatment process. We undertake in-house tensile testing of test bars with every heat-treating batch, assuring that your T4, T5, T6 or T7 heat treat tempering is consistent, every time.

Heat treating manufacturing equipment

Heat Treating Equipment

Heat treatment manufacturing processes provide numerous physical improvements and benefits for aluminum and other metals. Typically, high levels of heat make metal softer and more pliable as it approaches a melting point. When applied through the proper processes of heating and cooling, however, heat treatment provides structural advantages by changing the microstructure of the metal.

A primary benefit of the heat treatment process is improved shear strength. Through heat treatment, aluminum becomes stronger, more durable and less susceptible to breakage, deformation and failure. Heat treatment also improves tensile strength, providing additional strength and toughness.

Heat treating also can relieve stresses within metals, making them easier to machine, weld and form without structural damage. Stress relief is an important process to carry out after annealing, quenching or other heat treatment processes that can introduce stresses to the internal structure of the metal and make it more susceptible to damage during manufacturing, assembly or finishing, as well as during service.

Heat treating also can be used to soften the internal structure of aluminum while creating a hard outer layer, adding flexibility and lowering the likelihood of cracking or breaking under stress.

Applications of Heat Treating Equipment

The heat treatment process is beneficial in any application where the structural strength and integrity of a metal part are mission-critical. Some of these applications include:

  • Gears
  • Frame components
  • Pumps and Valves
  • Aluminum casings and housings

Applying heat treatment to these parts can extend their service life and improve performance through increased durability, strength and wear resistance.

A Record of Excellence

LeClaire Manufacturing continuously invests in the latest foundry technology and heat treatment equipment. Our heat treatment systems include a process that shortens the hardening process by hours while maintaining excellent results. Our drop-bottom heat treat allows for quick quenching, which translates into better mechanical properties and consistent hardness throughout the casting. Our expertise in heat treating for a broad range of applications has been developed over 50 years in the business, and we are proud to deliver that record of results-backed excellence to your next project.

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