CNC Machining Services

Complex CNC Machining Capabilities


Having different suppliers for a foundry and a machine shop is a thing of the past. LeClaire Manufacturing is the single-source supplier for all your casting and precision machining needs, freeing up your time so you can focus on your business priorities. Using a single company for all your aluminum casting and machining needs means that you experience less confusion and greater accountability. With our central location in Bettendorf, Iowa, why not make us your “local” CNC machine shop?

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Our CNC Machining Capabilities

  • Milling
  • Turning (lathing)
  • Broaching

CNC Milling Services

LeClaire Manufacturing is a provider of CNC milling services for the manufacture of 2-D and 3-D parts. Our services allow you to manufacture parts in virtually any shape. It’s a fast, effective way to manufacture complex shapes where precision accuracy is essential.    

Advantages of CNC Milling

  • Produce parts of virtually any shape
  • Cost-effective for prototyping and small production runs
  • Tight tolerances are possible
  • Smooth finishes
  • Fair and competitive pricing
  • Consistency in quality and craftsmanship
  • On-time delivery

If you need custom milled parts, LeClaire can help. Contact us to get a fast quote based on your design or for design assistance.

CNC Turning Services

LeClaire Manufacturing provides CNC turning services in Iowa at our Bettendorf facility, serving customers nationwide. We’re here to help when you need a partner to manufacture a part with rotational symmetry.

CNC Broaching Services

LeClaire Manufacturing provides CNC broaching services for the manufacture of parts with keyways, shaped holes, and splines. Common applications in screw machine parts, stampings, forgings and castings.


Advantages of CNC Machining


One of the biggest advantages of CNC machining is precision. Our machines are able to achieve accuracy within 1/1000th. Plus, CNC machining services significantly reduce the risk of human error.


CNC machines can output unrivaled consistency. Each part is a perfect match to your prototype and manufactured to your exact specifications.

Lower Costs

In most cases, CNC machining achieves lower costs through efficiency, speed, reduced labor costs, and reduced material waste due to error. That all translates into a better bottom line for your business.


A big advantage of CNC machining is the ability to manufacture virtually any part you need. From auto manufacturers to cabinet makers, and from defense manufacturers to agricultural machines, CNC machining services offer a unique ability to produce highly specialized parts.

The LeClaire Manufacturing Advantage

Each step of our manufacturing process is carefully monitored and controlled to guarantee that your specifications are met. We use the latest technology to check the chemistry of our metal from start to finish. Technology and automation are used extensively throughout the foundry operations — controlling everything from the metal quality requirements to regulating die temperatures. Real time x-ray, die penetration analysis and mechanical property testing are performed regularly to ensure that we meet or even exceed your requirements.

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Meeting tight tolerances is a necessity in today's business environment. By investing in top-of-the-line machining centers and engineering innovative fixtures for parts, LeClaire Manufacturing provides customers with tighter, more precise tolerances. No one expects more from us than we do. Yesterday's best is today's minimum expectation.


Our skilled, experienced machinists engineer efficiencies into design, material selection and finishing. You get the perfect parts you deserve — along with a high return on investment. From prototyping to delivery, we build quality and efficiency into the machining process.


With state-of-the-art machining centers, a variety of mills and CNC machines, highly skilled design engineers, and advanced fixture and tooling capabilities, LeClaire Manufacturing provides superior casting machining solutions to meet even your most challenging requirements.

Why Do Customers Prefer LeClaire Manufacturing?

“I have seen nobody in the industry that has the combined level of capabilities, of both complex castings and complex machining, as LeClaire.”

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