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Benefits of Aluminum Castings

March 15, 2021
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LeClaire Manufacturing specializes in Sand Casting, Permanent Mold Casting, Machining, Tool & Dye Manufacturing, and Prototyping. We have been in business since 1966 and take pride in our family-owned and operated business. Our job is to supply high-quality aluminum castings to customers worldwide. And we do so for a diverse set of industries. LeClaire Manufacturing has continued to invest in the latest casting, machining, engineering, and tooling equipment, and technologies. Whichever equipment your industry is in need of, we can provide it!

In fact, the industries we serve utilize our standard aluminum casting equipment. Therefore, we provide quality to several manufacturing sectors:


One of the industries we serve is agriculture; in essence, agricultural machinery is positively influenced. Its limited weight and its natural non-corrosiveness make the agricultural industry’s casting option a must. Our aluminum casting expertise and guidance allow our customers to realize the optimal functionality, weight, and cost benefits by converting from iron and steel weldments and castings to lighter, non-corrosive and strong aluminum casting. 

Recreational Vehicles

The benefits for the recreational vehicle industry are unprecedented. Our expert casting system lowers shipping weights for suppliers and manufacturers, increases fuel efficiency for the operator, not to mention it is cost-effective compared to steel suppliers.

Heavy Trucks

The heavy trucks industry is greatly benefitted from aluminum casting capabilities. Some of these benefits include a lower cab, container, trailer, and overall weights; adherence to strict industry standards, fuel efficiency, and better hauling capacity.


The high weight-to-strength ratio and non-corrosive characteristics of aluminum make aluminum castings a perfect fit for marine applications. Aluminum’s oxide film is tenacious, hard, and instantly self-renewing which makes it the best option for marine equipment.


The railroad industry has been greatly improved by aluminum castings. Not only are passenger and freight trains benefitted by the high-strength aluminum material, but the manufacturers of train parts can also see improvements. Some of these include easier handling in freight applications, high corrosion resistance, and sustainable production.

Valves & Pumps

We are well-versed in the manufacturing of many types of aluminum valve castings, including ball valve casting and gate valve casting. As an experienced aluminum valve manufacturer, we are able to provide you with the greatest range of options to suit your needs.

Military & Defense

Our mission to fulfill precise and tailored needs for our military makes LeClaire Manufacturing the quality choice. Our casting techniques are meticulously selected to meet our defense customers’ exacting specifications, tolerances, and material characteristic requirements. 

Engine Components

Aluminum alloy is used for numerous types of engine counterparts. Because of our casting process, we improve engine performance while providing additional advantages over traditional construction.

In Sum

LeClaire Manufacturing is available to service your particular industry needs in order to increase the overall efficiency of your company. Our aluminum casting methods provide unparalleled advantages because of their cost-effectiveness, sustainable results, and its efficiency to work in multiple environments. Furthermore, its elasticity and durability allow engineers to create much more complex structures.  For more information on the industries we serve and to request a quote, call (563) 723-0424.

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