Die Casting

Casting in the Manufacturing Industry

May 7, 2021

The Die Casting Process

Die casting is a manufacturing process for producing metal parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a die cavity. Simply put, these die or mold cavities are created with hardened tool steel that has been previously machined to the net shape or near-net shape of the die-cast parts. The die casting process allows products to be made with a high degree of accuracy. In addition, the die casting process produces fine details such as textured surfaces without requiring further processing.

Die castings are among the most mass-produced items manufactured by the metalworking industry, and they can be found in thousands of consumer, commercial and industrial products. Die cast parts are important components of products ranging from automobiles to toys, to railroads and even agricultural machines. Parts made with die casting can be quite simple or very complex depending on the industry served. 

Die Manufacturing In Our Daily Lives

The ability to produce highly detailed parts makes die casting a suitable choice for the mass-produced product. Think about it. The moment we wake up we are surrounded by products that are produced by the die casting process. For instance, when you use the faucet in the kitchen, open the doorknob to a bedroom, or even when you drive your car, almost every product or part of the product is made from this process. Without die casting in manufacturing, we would not have the products needed on a daily basis to thrive.

Furthermore, the die casting process usually produces primarily non-ferrous metals, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, and magnesium. In fact, over time, many different alloys have been developed to meet a specific requirement for each application.

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